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British Precast members are eligible to join relevant product associations which provide a forum to address issues for a product or range of products.

Aircrete Products Association

  • The Aircrete Products Association (APA) is the trade association of aircrete block manufacturers in the UK. The main aims of the APA are to promote aircrete solutions in the construction and housing market and to disseminate information, through a range of industry representation and through shared knowledge to add value to its membership. The APA is a member of Modern Masonry, promoting Masonry solutions in the UK market

British Precast Architectural and Structural 

  • British Precast Architectural and Structural (BPAS) is the product association covering offsite precast concrete solutions ranging from whole building and structural systems, to precast construction components including walls, stairs and cladding. The elements can be of bespoke design or standardised components offering the opportunity for creative and efficient construction.

British Precast Drainage Association

  • The British Precast Drainage Association (BPDA) is formed from the integration of the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association (CPSA) and the Box Culvert Association (BCA) and takes its place as one of the specialist product groups within British Precast.

Concrete Block Association

  • The Concrete Block Association (CBA) is an independent industry trade body representing manufacturers of aggregate concrete blocks in the UK. The CBA is a proud member of Modern Masonry, the body which promotes Masonry construction solutions, extolling the many advantages of using concrete aggregate blocks when creating a sustainable and resilient built environment using local, long lasting, low carbon and fire resistant products.


  • Interpave is the trade association for the precast concrete paving industry in the UK, representing the interests of its members who produce around 85% of the UK’s precast concrete paving products. This includes concrete block paving, paving flags, kerbs, accessories and ancillary products used in the construction of hard landscape surfacing.

Precast Flooring Federation

  • The Precast Flooring Federation (PFF) promotes flooring products across all building sectors, focusing on key benefits such as precast flooring’s excellent performance characteristics in terms of acoustics, fire, thermal mass and robustness, as well as speed of construction.

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Modern Masonry

  • Modern Masonry is a body that seeks to ensure developers, designers, customers and occupants understand the benefits of Masonry solutions. It provides guidance on design of Masonry and furnishes government and influencing organisations with the evidence of how Masonry can contribute to a sustainable built environment. It is supported by the Aircrete Products Association, Concrete Block Association, Mortar Industry Association and Brick Development Association.

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